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Who is Kiki Lee?

Kiki Lee Studio was founded in the summer of 2017 with a few small goals and one really big dream to become a full time business. The name comes from a nickname an old coworker gave me, and it matches my real initials! I started off with accessories for planners, a few stickers, planner inserts for Traveler's Notebooks, and coloring pages! I honestly had no real direction then, just the hope of finding a sustainable creative outlet.

I took a break from selling things for a short while and started this website along with a blog so I could at least share my passions and hobbies with the world. Writing about my favorite things was fun for a while, but I continued pushing forward to create something more tangible that to share! I attempted to reopen the store in January of 2020, and well, we all know what happened next...

In comes polymer clay... in attempts to create some DIY Christmas gifts for our friends and family, I came across tons of cool things that could be made with polymer clay. I spent some time playing around with some stuff I had on hand, and created a few less than stellar jewelry dishes and earrings... they were ROUGH, but it was SO MUCH fun to do, I was hooked almost instantly. That was about two years ago, and how the KLS you see today was born. I have continually improved my skills and learned everything I can about creating jewelry and other accessories. It is truly rewarding to put my love, time, and effort into these pieces and then to see you wear and love them too!

If you want to follow this incredible journey and grow with me, please join either by following my socials or by signing up for my newsletter. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Kiki Lee Studio! 



Kiki Lee Studio is dedicated to bringing you a unique art experience delivered with originality, ingenuity and creativity 

Meet The Owner

Hey! I'm Kirston!  I am the human behind Kiki Lee Studio, a one woman show! This business has brought me so much freedom, creative inspiration, and incredible experiences that it sometimes feels unreal. I am so eternally grateful for all of your support and love for everything I do here!

It always feels a little odd to just talk about myself, but if you are curious, here are a few things to help you get to know me!

I am officially 30 and so excited to see what this stage of my life will bring! I married my best friend on Halloween in 2020. We've been together since 2014 though, and neither of us know our original anniversary date! I love him more than life itself, and he's been so incredibly supportive of this journey! He's my number one fan and cheerleader, as well as a tough cookie when I need it! He's not much for social media though, so I will be leaving his privacy intact!


I really love animals, its my life goal to do everything I can to help as many animals as possible! I have one dog, she's my forever puppy, best friend, cute lil' secretary, and my baby; her name is Xyla and she's 11 years old!! I can't believe how the time has flown with her! I also have three cats, all three are gray and about 10 years old, but each one is so very different. Maya is the oldest, she's a gray tortoiseshell, very cute, a little feisty, and super playful. Annie is next, he's a gray/white longhair (I'm pretty sure he's part ragdoll!). He's super loving and an absolute cuddle bug. The baby is Lillith, he's a gray/white tabby cat. He's a BIG boi, super vocal about everything, and the sweetest little man. I do everything I can for them!

I currently work full time for my town's Downtown Association. It has already been an incredible and rewarding experience! Having been born and raised in this small town, it's so great to not only see all of the amazing things happening here now, but to also get to be apart of making them happen! I am beyond grateful for that! 

And probably the most pertinent to running this creative business, my style is eclectic as heck. I really go through seasons with my style, and even switch it out multiple times a week. Grunge/Goth and Classic Feminine are probably my top favorite styles, but I also really love vintage 70s style, bright pop styles, and even classic luxury. This is evident in my creations, and I'm definitely not sorry for it. Get to know me better by following my journey with this business on any of my social medias!

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